Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mr. Belatricks

He arrived this afternoon, our new family member, Mr. Belatricks ("Bela" for Lugosi & "tricks" because this little fella has more tricks than a magician).  Baby Bela (born 9/25/2011) settled easily enough into his deluxe three story habitat.  My Sister said he chose her (familiars usually do).  The kitties seem to be okay with him & Bela has no fear or worry of them.  Looking forward to getting to know this fuzzy little dude, although he stole my heart when he walked the entire perimeter of his domicile dozens of times, backwards & with somersaults!

"Love the animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled" ~
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Romance of Roses and Raindrops

Art by http://girlunknown.deviantart.com/

Love is like the rain on a rose.
It kisses and caresses the flower so it may grow.
Regret not the droplets that eventually slip from the petals, for if they were to linger too long, the flower would drown and cease to thrive.
So let the kisses fall and take nourishment from them.
When it is time to say farewell, do not let sorrow take root.
In time, sunbeams will replace the raindrops, creating a new sensation to live for.

Art by http://taipeiss.deviantart.com/
 Written by Tracy Cathleen November 26th 2011

Snowflakes & Ferrets

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon online, doing little things I never seem to have time for.  I browsed deviantart.com looking for unknown artists & works to use for Tenebrous & Olana Sisters.  I put snowflakes on top of all my website pages.  I even did research for the next Creature Feature on Tenebrous, likely to post a bit after the holidays.  How could I have found so much spare time you ask?  I needed to stay out of the way, because my sister was busy, tearing apart her office, in order to make accommodations for a yet to be known addition to our home ... a ferret!

My sister, Amy (also known as the horror writer Lueya Harrison), has been wanting and planning for this kind of pet for awhile.  I don't know why, unless its embedded or coded somehow in our  noble genetics.  I'm not quite sure how Mr. Smokey Fluffy Snuffles, my sister's darling cat, is going to handle all this.  I'm prepared to soothe his fragile ego, if he chooses to be jealous.  Lord knows what the other feline residents in our home (totaling 6) will think!

If plans go smoothly, tomorrow, we will join the millions who have come to know & love ferrets.  Wish me & Smokey luck!