Friday, December 30, 2011

Paper Cranes, New Friends & Wishes

Like many today, I've been reflecting on the past 12 months and readying myself for 2012. 


For me, 2011 will always invoke a tear and a sigh.  The year began with personal loss, my beloved Grandmother passed away.  Nature's wrath forever changed the face of the Earth, bringing hardships and broken lives all over the world.  Fear & war received far too much attention than it deserves.  I joined the NOH8 campaign in an attempt to support friends who suffer, simply because they are different.  The failing American economy struck close to home with family & friends losing their jobs.  So many sacrifices had to be made this year.


“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain. Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter's oven?” ~ Kahlil Gibran 

 Inspiration and opportunities are born from tears. I have always believed that within our hands is the power to create any destiny we choose.  This year, I made up my mind to manifest change!  I have tried to harness sorrow's energy and keep my hands very busy!  My Sister and I planted the seeds to begin our own business, which has opened our minds and our future.  I educated myself and successfully improved my health in remarkable ways.  There is a lot of potential prosperity and divine purpose to be seized as I look into the near future.  I have never felt so determined!

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It always amazes me how fate plays such a magical part in our lives.  A chance meeting has brought something really special onto my path.  New friends have brought me exciting challenges and possibilities for adventure in the coming year.  When the opportunity arises to aid others in their quest and share our talents to create new and wonderful things, it is a gift.  I am so excited for the future!  Dear friends, you know who you are.  You are cherished.  Thank you!

They say the Mayan calendar's abrupt end in 2012 assures certain doom.  I don't believe such nonsense!  We are the caretakers of destiny and we decide our fate, not a calendar!  I am full of hope, love and wishes for tomorrow.  I face the unknown with strength of will and child-like faith.  2012, c'mon and bring it - I'm ready!  

Happy New Year!  

Here is how to fold your own paper crane:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Frozen Cup Of Happiness

Art by mv79 on deviantart,com 

The first real snow of the season finally came last night.
As the wind howled outside my window and tapped the glass, my thoughts went a million miles away to where my heart's dearest wishes dwell.
I've spent so much time in solitude.  The lessons of love have been so very sharp and I've shed more than the healthy dose of tears & pain in recent times.  They say the cosmos returns what you put into it.  There is a great force that draws what is meant to be together, but my force was broken and weak.  My contribution to the cosmos was too small and nothing positive came back to me.  I let the icy dragons of my fears and insecurities wrap themselves too tightly around me, smother me, hide me.  Locked in my forgotten
ice tower, like a snow queen, I would only gaze down at anyone who came to my gate then coldly turn away.
Looking out at the swirls of lacy Winter ribbons, I reflected on how far I've come this year.  My confidence cloaks me now like the whiteness covers the rooftops.  I've quested for inner peace with my dreams and desires.  I found a nirvana for my spirit to rest like the snow upon the sleeping sod.

Art by eXXeQt on

Pulling my robe tighter around me, a sudden sweet thought came to me.  I recalled a card from one of the many oracles and divination decks my Sister and I use in our craft.  The ace of cups, the single vessel full of emotion, the beginning of something wonderful, has always been in my grasp.  Alas, until now I've kept it frozen.  There seems to be only one more lesson to complete before I can sip the joy I yearn and wish for.  I must embrace patience.  Like the snow ices over the roses forcing them to sleep till Spring, so must I wait for my frozen cup of happiness to thaw before I may drink.
I know it will be worth the wait.

Art by Mavain on


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mr. Belatricks

He arrived this afternoon, our new family member, Mr. Belatricks ("Bela" for Lugosi & "tricks" because this little fella has more tricks than a magician).  Baby Bela (born 9/25/2011) settled easily enough into his deluxe three story habitat.  My Sister said he chose her (familiars usually do).  The kitties seem to be okay with him & Bela has no fear or worry of them.  Looking forward to getting to know this fuzzy little dude, although he stole my heart when he walked the entire perimeter of his domicile dozens of times, backwards & with somersaults!

"Love the animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled" ~
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Romance of Roses and Raindrops

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Love is like the rain on a rose.
It kisses and caresses the flower so it may grow.
Regret not the droplets that eventually slip from the petals, for if they were to linger too long, the flower would drown and cease to thrive.
So let the kisses fall and take nourishment from them.
When it is time to say farewell, do not let sorrow take root.
In time, sunbeams will replace the raindrops, creating a new sensation to live for.

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 Written by Tracy Cathleen November 26th 2011

Snowflakes & Ferrets

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon online, doing little things I never seem to have time for.  I browsed looking for unknown artists & works to use for Tenebrous & Olana Sisters.  I put snowflakes on top of all my website pages.  I even did research for the next Creature Feature on Tenebrous, likely to post a bit after the holidays.  How could I have found so much spare time you ask?  I needed to stay out of the way, because my sister was busy, tearing apart her office, in order to make accommodations for a yet to be known addition to our home ... a ferret!

My sister, Amy (also known as the horror writer Lueya Harrison), has been wanting and planning for this kind of pet for awhile.  I don't know why, unless its embedded or coded somehow in our  noble genetics.  I'm not quite sure how Mr. Smokey Fluffy Snuffles, my sister's darling cat, is going to handle all this.  I'm prepared to soothe his fragile ego, if he chooses to be jealous.  Lord knows what the other feline residents in our home (totaling 6) will think!

If plans go smoothly, tomorrow, we will join the millions who have come to know & love ferrets.  Wish me & Smokey luck!