Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Art by Cocodrillo on deviantart

Could the memory of  something past still manifest itself in the present mind?  Only the angels know for sure.
As I gaze out over a dismal, bleak, grey morning, the memory of a love I've never known comes to me in the wind.  At first, its only a notion, a little toy for my brain - but then the vision comes clearer and the illusion of an emotion long lost floods my soul like the tide rushing upon a sandy shore - taking with it the precious grains of my sanity and drifting them into the ebbing blue of  long ago but not.

Art by Spiralkitty on deviantart

A pretty thought of arms I longed to cling to, a warm enticement of a kiss lingered much too long and then ...
Almost as quickly and mysteriously as its arrival, it is gone - vanished with the blink of the sun's beaming ray upon my weary brow.  Gone ... but perhaps still a residue remains, sticky sweet like a drop of honey on this yearning mind of mine.  I loved you - but - if only in a daydream.

 Art by Colorkiller on deviantart  

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