Saturday, July 21, 2012

Music Boxes, Mirrors and Magic

Art by Svoja I Nicija 

For many, nothing beats the charm of a music box.  Those delightful windup miniature symphonies can help you recall countless memories.  For me, it makes me think of my grandmother's dresser, playing with her beads and jewels and wishing to be all grown up.  I can recall being so excited the first time I received a jewel box of my own.  It was lavishly decorated with pink roses and golden swirls.  Inside, in front of a tiny mirror, a minuscule ballerina on a spring, donned in a white net tutu, would twirl to the melodious strains of Fascination.  Of course, as a small child, I lacked the jewelry wardrobe to fill the chest.  Often, my jewels consisted of plastic trinkets found in cereal boxes, carnival prizes and discarded baubles from elderly relatives.  Still, I managed to gather a fabulous collection that would rival Tazewell's Littlest Angel.  What was in my treasure box?  An Eisenhower silver dollar, a four leaf clover found on Grandpa's lawn carefully preserved in plastic resin, a hand full of wedding favor aluminum rings, a yarn ribbon in my favorite color red, two cat whiskers, a brooch my Grandma gave me with colorful rhinestones, a perfect white pebble, a paper fortune teller and a mourning dove feather all guarded by my golden ballerina princess.  

I would sit for hours, sorting through the contents of my box, watching the ballerina twirl and marveling to the music.  Most intriguing to me was the tiny mirror.  It had magnifying properties, to enhance the details of the ballerina, no doubt.  Being so oddly imaginative and very aware of Alice's adventures in Through The Looking Glass, I was convinced that tiny mirror was magical.  It already had the amazing ability to enlarge things, so I wondered  what else it might be able to do.

Art by Lan Wu

I would always dream that there was another place, other people and adventures inside of mirrors.  Even before I was enthralled by Lewis Carroll, I would gaze, mesmerized by the possibilities for enchantment in any mirror.  My home was filled with antiques so most of the mirrors in our home were worn, stained and flawed  by time making them so compelling!   I would climb up on old dressers, crawl inside cedar wardrobes and hang upside down from insane spaces hoping to capture proof of my beliefs.  Alas, as a child, I never did figure out the mystery. I have, although, learned to master the magic mirrors hold.

Art by My1Heaven on deviantart

It was no mistake that a mirror was on the inside lid of my jewel box.  Mirrors have the power to double everything.  The image within is immediately multiplied by its own reflection.  In magic, mirror energy is used to increase prosperity and draw love.  In Feng Shui, mirrors are used to increase positive energy.  It is believed mirrors are sources of spiritual water and can soothe as well as heal what they reflect.  Placing my tiny treasures into a mirrored box made my luck increase and turned my golden ballerina into a talisman for happiness, vibrant health and beauty. 

Art by Moonmomma

How many of us place some of our greatest treasures in front of a mirror without even thinking about it?  What sits on your vanity, in front of your mantle mirror or similar place?  What are you unknowingly manifesting in your life?  Perhaps we all need to do a little meditation on this thought.  In The Littlest Angel, God chooses the cherub's little box of earthly treasures as the greatest gift over gold and jewels. If you want to bring some true positive magic into your life, take a tip from a minuscule ballerina and place the things that truly mean the most to you in front of your mirrors.  Double your loved ones, your memories, your dreams.  Let beauty and music fill your heart.  Make what you see in the mirror be what you truly want to reflect to the world and you will be surprised what gazes back at you.  There is indeed something else on the other side of the mirror, it's the person you always dreamed you could be.

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